By: Laika O’ Brien, Director of Experience Design
TLDR: Open positions, new proposals, community updates, guild updates, Town Hall announcement!
TLDR: Producer Token Town Hall announcement, community highlights and events, and new ways to contribute to our community!
TLDR: StoryDAO is now StoryCo, first community bounty out now, community proposals passed, PR coming soon, and new team member announcements!
StoryDAO is now StoryCo!
By Fred Grinstein
By: The Story DAO Team
An interactive, multimedia story told on the StoryCo platform where the community becomes co-creators and co-owners.
StoryCo secures $6 million in funding to develop its proprietary story creation platform and first production, The Disco Ball.
Our co-founder, Justin Alanís, breaks down how StoryCo is taking on Hollywood and revolutionizing IP ownership with Building at the Edges host Jess…
Our founders J.P. and Justin Alanis speak with Jason on a variety of topics on media, distribution, and innovating the creative process to benefit…
Justin Alanis and J.P. Alanis sit down with Ross Drakes on the One More Question podcast to discuss content creation, IP ownership, and all things…